The Divine Plan

Text This Week

Prophecies 19: 1-29 – page 114-115

Go to the master of wisdom. Some of those people rest in the tomb. Those people are your ancestors, and they have given you great wisdom throughout your life through the people that they have passed their wisdom on to. You shall grip wisdom firmly and then one day to pass it on to your posterity. You will not disgrace your elders, for they have given great wisdom to you. They will clothe you in the robe of wisdom and you shall be known for your great wisdom. What doors wisdom opens for you will never be shut. They will be firm in their beliefs and you shall explore those and become a friend to yourself. Your ancestors will be clothed in glory. Your ancestors will carry the weight for you for the rest of your life.

Look, for your work is destroyed through all the land your land burns. You dwell on the coasts, whose messengers cross the sea. The deep waters from nation to nation, you went across these waters. Be ashamed, for the sea has said I am not to be taken for granted and I cannot be blamed for anything and I cannot be praised for anything. When you reach the other nation, you shall be in anguish. You will dwell on the coast in morning. This is what’s left of your city of your origin and you dwelled in distant lands because your city has been destroyed. Who plans such things? Are you honored now? Your destiny has planned out the disgrace of your people from beauty to degradation. Go back to your own land, your land is no more. The destiny can shake entire kingdoms and can command the disruption. You shall never rise again and you shall find no rest. Other people have ceased to be in the past and you are but one of many tribes which have fallen. Your stronghold is destroyed. You shall be forgotten. All of your people and all of your skills and all of your cities shall be forgotten. You may be remembered by some, but by most you will be forgotten. All the world’s kingdoms will not know with you in one generation. Your treasures that shall one day be rediscovered are going to fascinate the world. Your nation will never rise again.

Treasures from the Word

  • There are a lot of things in the world that can occupy your mind.
  • The people that know and care are few and they are the ones that are the most put down for being strange.
  • The divine plan is perfect and will deal justice to those that are not good.

Spiritual Gems

  • Why should we remain steadfast in the things of the heavens? Maintain the divine plan and the covenant?
  • How has the words of the Christs and the prophets come full circle?
  • What can we learn from our ancestors when it comes to the divine plan? What can we do to make something new?


  • What can we do to teach the truth?
  • What is the meaning of the transition of the covenants?

Living as Epochalists

  • Develop the quality of full faith in your life and demonstrate this in your life every day.
  • Give people a reason to have faith in you and what you do.
  • Think of the kingdom of the heavens as something that is real to you.
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