The Love of the Christs

After a few months in their new roles as members of the new Viceroy, Karina Ortiz, Claire McKenzie, and Mackenzie Thomas shared their thoughts on expressing the Love of the Christs to media.

In a 20-minute interview prior to speaking with journalists , the trio’s call to the Viceory has deeply humbled them. Both also pointed to the indispensable role their husbands and families play in helping them fulfill their mandate in their new position.

Ortiz spoke of the overwhelming feeling she and her husband experienced when they heard the call together from the president. “I think it’s fair to say we both wept then and later on. … he is wonderfully spiritually strong. He’s always focused on others. I’m just grateful that things difficult and things joyful we can do together.”

Claire McKenzie, a native of Paris, shared similar experiences

“My husband and I were grateful for this opportunity,” she said. “But we saw the challenges that would come ahead of us to represent the Divine Plan correctly, accordingly and really share the feelings that we have every day to all people in the world. It’s an overwhelming responsibility, but we believe we can do it.”

Though their nationality and heritage have tremendous value, all three said of more importance in their new assignments is that they are to represent the divine plan to the world and not on the focus of the individual experiences to the Divine Plan.

“Our experience can help because we have been exposed out there for many years serving the Chancel and having different experiences around the globe. It helps us when we get into issues that need to be discussed,” said Mackenzie Thomas, a native of the midwestern United States.

Ortiz added that the universal nature of the message of the Covenant supersedes nation, country or culture.

“The covenant and the Divine Plan are for every nation, kindred, tongue and people,” said Thomas. “We’re grateful that people across the world have loved and identified with the leaders of the Chancel as we have loved and identified with them. We are, of course, grateful to serve in the ministry from the perspective of the worldwide congregation.”

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