The Word Exerts Power

Text This Week

Sayings 33: 1-22 – page 225-226

Who can find the guardian angel who is worthy of the one who is to come? She is the one who does not lack income but his valuable beyond measure. She brings forth profit to the one who is to come. She is skilled in what she does and she never let anyone down. She secures everything she has been insecure about her life. She is the one who gives from herself to those who are less fortunate. She is the one who works all the days of her life and benefit from the fruits of her labor. She is the one with great strength and the one who has strength against those of the world. She is in joy to what she has and doesn’t have too much. She yet cast down those who are wicked. She reaches out to those who are poor. She is not concerned about life when it takes a turn for the worst. She does not give in to the lusts of this world. She sits with the one who is prominent for all the nations of the world. She sells what she makes and she doesn’t keep it all for herself. She has great dignity and strength in laughs at those who try to steer her in the wrong path. She has a great wisdom and kind instructions with her. She watches over the world in doesn’t seem to forget about it. Her posterity calls her blessed because she is blessed with great gifts. She has proven the worth of all people of the world. She is the one with the gifts of the Angels and her beauty is within her. She does great deeds and they are praised.

Treasures from the Word

  • We can learn from our mistakes.
  • We can seek the right things on the face of the earth.

Spiritual Gems

  • How did the world come to perish?
  • What can we learn from the divine intervention of the things that are to come?
  • What can we learn about the divine plan by learning more about this topic?
  • What can we learn about the topic from the other readings for this week?


  • We should use the combination of many sources of media to teach the things of the truth to the world. The world is full of the truth of the things to the world and it is something that we need to take the time to explore. There is a lot for us to discover.

Living as Epochalists

  • The words of the prophets are an inspiration to the things of the world. We should heed their words and their deeds. They are not perfect people, but they are on the path to the truth. That is something that is important for all of us. When we get further to the path, we will follow in the journey and the life that is more similar to the Christs.
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