Trials and Tribulations

A series of significant moments throughout her life led Ellen Owen from the depths of despair to the highest of joy.

The first experience she shares is a tragedy that took the life of her older brother. Describing what life was like in the days and weeks following the death, she told us, “I remember laying down, looking at the stars at night, and still thinking, ‘What is the purpose of this? When will I wake up from this? At that moment, the Light of the divine plan came to this little girl who needed comfort and I knew that I would see him in the afterlife.”

The second insight that she shares has to do with the story of leaving a town of unrest and her life in a new culture with people that she was not used to at the time. She also shared on her experiences that led to her divorce from her first husband due to addiction issues. She didn’t want to look back on that time much. There are many people that have gone through similar difficult experiences, she wanted to help others know that “the sun will shine again, and things will not be this difficult forever.”

In the final part of the interview, she shared her experiences of finding her place in the Chancel and of how she was able to take part in the priesthood and to rise through the ranks to her current position. She also shared some insights on coming out and being married to her partner today.

Through her experiences with loss, uncertainty, and fear, Owen says she has learned that relationships, family, love, and our self-worth are our most precious possessions. She says that the divine plan “is inclusive of each of us” and that we can come to know of the divine plan and we can come to a better life.

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