Update Regarding Houston

Here is the situation that is happening in Houston at this time. As many of you already know, there is an unprecedented event happening and it will change the city for years to come. Here is how the Chancel is affected by it:

  • Supplies are being asked to be sent to the headquarters of the Pergamum province in nearby Dallas. The supplies will be sent to Houston and surrounding areas as routes become available.
  • The Chancel has set up a place for people to gather to help in Dallas, where training will be provided.
  • Stakes in all areas of Houston will be opened to the people to seek shelter where necessary and all expenses will be covered by the Chancel and their emergency fund.
  • Stakes that are damaged have been announced to be immediately covered in the general insurance plan. Stakes will be opened to normal services as they are allowed.
  • This coming week, no services will be held and all sacrament work has been suspended.
  • The Houston Temple District has suspended all activities and the templar priesthood has been moved to Dallas.
  • Missionary work has been suspended in affected stakes and service missionaries will be dispatched when the law allows it to be done.
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