Visions of the Scroll

Text This Week

Smyrna 15: 1-5 – page 453

Watch out for those who create distention obstacles in opposition to what you have achieved the knowledge and wisdom. Those people claim to serve those who perceive to be good, but they deceive the hearts of the innocent.

Now you can only strengthen yourself according to what has been talked about in these writings according to the revelation that was not really deceit but has now been revealed in the new age. It has now been manifested through these writings and all nations will now know the truth. To the only wise person, be true to yourself and be true to others for your entire life.

Treasures from the Word

  • There will be a lot of obstacles that come to your path that will be destroyed by the divine plan should we follow in the right path.
  • There is a hope that is given to all of those that are a part of the path to the light. However, this is a path that will come to all of us as an opportunity.

Spiritual Gems

  • What is our responsibility to the world today?
  • What does the two worlds that we are in represent?
  • What can we learn about the divine plan by learning more about this topic?
  • What can we learn about the topic from the other readings for this week?


  • We should lay the groundwork so that other people can see the path to the light and should see the events that are in front of them as a part of the larger plan.

Living as Epochalists

  • We should contact those around us through our example. This is how we are to influence other people to change their life. We should constantly attempt to improve ourselves so that we can help others to be better. This is how we are to change the world.
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